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Adrenal Exhaustion & Chronic Fatigue:
How To Stop The Nightmare!

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I would encourage you to read the information below before diving into the book's wealth of answers to many if not all of your unanswered questions on health.
As you read this book, it is important that certain basics be kept in mind. There has been much teaching on alkalinity and the importance of keeping your body alkaline. Some say that no disease, not even cancer, can survive in an alkaline body. This may only be partly true, as there is rarely so simple a silver bullet.

It is important that the body becomes and
remains alkaline by its own design...

With alkalinity, it is important that the body becomes and remains alkaline by its own design, with the ability to go slightly acid when it is appropriate for a specific short term purpose. If alkalinity is imposed on the body, this would be a false alkalinity, and the body would no longer be in control, nor would it really be alkaline for the right reasons. Therefore, using alkaline waters and products is only a temporary solution at best and may be counterproductive in many circumstances.

To explain this alkaline conundrum further, we should look at nature. No alkalizing fruit or vegetable is alkaline. They are all acidic. The most alkalizing would be the most acidic, such as a lemon. When these are ingested into the body, the natural digestive mechanisms start breaking down these foods and "burning" the acids, releasing energy. The resulting ash is alkaline and alkalizes the body, after the release of the vital energy. The alkaline ash has no more energy.

Hundreds of thousands of compounds are supposed to be created in this process, particularly in the small intestine, with what could best be described as a rapid fermentation process. These compounds are the essential nutrients created that nourish the organisms within our body, regardless of what real food we ingest. These organisms, which are called commensal cells, create the vitamins on-demand for the body cells, and are the caretakers of most cell environments. This process is highly compromised today because of toxicities such as metals, poisons such as fluoride, chlorine and ammonia, prescription drugs and genetically modified foods. It is also compromised by toxic water, which even when purified is energetically dead or in a negative energy range. Water, like our food, is intended to be a source of energetic life, and today little of the water available provides any positive energetic resource.

Negative thoughts and experiences further inhibit alkalinity within the body, as they create acidic conditions within the body that are not energy releasing acids. Guilt, whether through religious teaching, personal lifestyle choices or simply bad prior experiences, can overwhelm all the right things we might do otherwise, preventing an appropriate alkaline body environment within. This negativity can, along with stressful emotions, create or enhance disease and actually cost us our lives. For some, there is even the spiritual component of our forefather's choices, which can be embedded in our DNA or our cellular environment. These, passed on generation to generation, are not there by your choice or experience, yet must be considered and dealt with if found to be present.

Because of the diversity of religious doctrines and denominations, sometimes this can be difficult to accept, which leads us to the difference between relationship with God and religion. Religion is a fabrication of man. On the other hand, deep relationship with God is a desire I have found that most individuals desire, and in nearly all religions. It is this relationship that God desires with us. Many of us are fed up with religion, where we are often encouraged to worship everyone but God, or told we have to practice certain rituals or practices.

Having planted four churches in my lifetime as worship leader, I can definitely empathize. Take away the religion, and people of nearly all faiths generally agree it is that deep, love-based relationship with God that is their hearts desire. Seek this end as you worship wherever and with whomever you choose and you will once again enjoy the fellowship of church. I cannot emphasize how important love of self and others is in your pursuit of optimized health and living. If you believe you are an atheist, I have no problem. Since that is a religion itself, the non-belief in God, if you can live loving yourself and others consistently, you will be fine.

So, you will find many answers to your questions in my book:

"Adrenal Exhaustion & Chronic Fatigue:
How To Stop The Nightmare!"

It is a quick and very effective read, and will provide you simple and effective answers and understanding to overcome your fatigue, your poor sleep, and virtually any other health challenges you may be encountering. Obviously, common sense dictates effective exercise choices and dietary moderation be included should you desire healthy weight-loss as well.

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You can also choose to purchase a hard copy of my book and receive a free copy of "pH Madness" by Roger Bezanis, the definitive book on alkalinity, including alkaline water ionizers by clicking here

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